Dalton’s CrossFit was started at the end of 2008.

Our mission has and always will be to make individuals better at life, by making functional fitness apart of their daily lives.

Our box is not full of hard core CrossFit competitors, we are everyday people letting our CrossFit training enable us to succeed at life, no matter what that looks like for the member. Not that there is anything wrong with the CrossFit competitors out there, we just want to paint an honest picture of who we are as a box. In 2008 when Gregg Dalton started this venture it was always to help those that needed the help the most. A big part of our program is to create an environment where everyone is comfortable right from the start. Which is why we like to sit down with you and spend some time getting to know you before you jump into our program. This process helps ensure that we set you up for success with us right from day one. Our culture is very supportive but still has the competitiveness within our classes to ensure great workout and incredible results. A big part of CrossFit’s effectiveness is to get everyday people to give a much better effort in their fitness training than they ever have before, which is why we all do the same workout at the same time (modifying as needed) and gather times and scores. The first athletes done are the first ones pushing you to finish. But, this kind of friendly group training is good for everyone’s results. Let’s face it, fitness results are largely tied to effort, effort controls intensity, the more intense your training the better your results. Dalton’s is a fun family friendly box.


  • Almost 8,000’
  • 2 different training rooms
  • Lounge area
  • Kids room
  • Shower
  • Pro shop area
  • Cold recovery drinks, bars, protein, water and other items
  • 4 bathrooms