Dalton's CrossFit has been such a positive addition to my life. The classes are challenging but somehow are crazy fun! My functional fitness has improved dramatically in the past 6 months and I look forward to getting stronger. The fitness community is so supportive,its been easy to stay motivated.

Jason Paul

5 stars!  Gregg runs a great gym with a fun friendly environment!  I wouldn't go anywhere else!

John McKeown 

My wife signed me up for Dalton’s as a Christmas gift in 2014.  I started out with one pull up at my intro meeting.  The coaches and members help me with lots of encouragement, I keep a regular schedule, and now I’m up to 15 pull ups among other improvements.  I feel better at the age of 49 than I did in the last 10 years.  The people are great and I look forward to saying hello and sharing a workout with fun folks.


The variety and mix of movements (you never know what you’re gonna get) keeps the workout fun.  Dalton’s is one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received.

Mat Roa

Daltons has been amazing, the staff is friendly, the environment is great, and the social interaction with the members have made Daltons a great gym. I have personally seen changes in my body and the way my clothes fit, Thank you Daltons!

Shannon Nakamoto

I had already started my fitness journey when a friend suggested I try crossfit. I had no idea the changes my body would go through when I decided to try it out. I felt stronger, more energized, and I lost about 20 more pounds. I looked and felt great!! 

I have floated from gym to gym for a few years now. Every gym is different and has a different vibe and culture. Some I liked and some I didn't. 

I ended up at Dalton based on another recommendation and I have to say it is the BEST gym for me. They are focused on helping everyone, no matter your fitness level. Everyone gets along, encourages one another, and pushes one another. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned crossfitter, you will fit right in here. 


have been a member of DCF for five years and at age 58 can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life!  I had no idea five years ago what I was capable of and the trainers have transformed me. They are knowledgeable, helpful and inspirational. My husband is 63 and has had back surgery and the trainers have totally scaled movements for him. This is the only fitness program that I have maintained year round (I'm a CPA and work 90 hours per week during tax season).  I highly recommend DCF to everyone, young and old, fit and unfit.


Dalton’s CrossFit is one of the best boxes I’ve been to, all of the Coaches are very experienced, professional and attentive, they push you to new levels and focus on proper form and technique.  The gym is really large and they have more equipment than any other gym I’ve been too.  Their programming is great too, very challenging with unique movements, every day is different – every day is a challenge.  I highly recommend Dalton’s.


I have been a member of Dalton's Crossfit for many years, and enjoy how the gym caters to the "average person" looking to integrate health and fitness into their daily routine. Unlike many other crossfit gyms, Dalton's main focus isn't on driving its members to become competitive athletes, but instead is on helping the average person to integrate strength, mobility, and general fitness into their everyday lives. As a result, Dalton's is accommodating of all types of individuals: regardless of age, gender, or general athletic capability, Dalton's will find a way to make fitness work for you, encouraging growth and development in a supporting and encouraging environment.

Matt Figueroa

In the summer of 2015, I had become tired of gaining weight and having my clothes feel tighter and tighter as the months pass by. I had a negative perception of my body, which translated to a negative view of myself and how I saw the world. As a result, I decided to make a change and join Dalton's Crossfit. The coaching staff has been absolutely top notch. Their commitment to my success is one of the motivating factors on why I do my best to continue to make positive changes in my life. Moreover, I find myself accomplishing things at Dalton's that I never thought I can do, such as 15 unbroken pull-ups, hand stand push-ups, and complex Olympic movements. As a result of my lifestyle changes, I noticed my clothing fitting looser, I dropped 2 pant sizes, I'm no longer afraid to take off my shirt when I go the beach or when I'm in the pool. I've met so many amazing and likeminded people who continue to motivate me to get better on a daily basis. Joining Dalton's was hands down one of the best decisions I made.


Dalton's Crossfit and community has changed so many aspects of my life from nutrition, fitness and friendships. I feel I make better choices when eating and I am a stronger and more efficient runner. More importantly, I've developed friendships and accountability partners along my four year journey at DCF.

Love you guys and thank you!

Tony Forrand

I started off my journey at Dalton's weighing in at 340lbs, feeling horrible! After playing college football at APU, I kept eating the same way but not burning the thousands of calories I did at practice. I went through paramedic school and converted to the seditary lifestyle working on ambulances in the private EMS sector. One day I knew I would never accomplish my dream of becoming a Firefighter weighing over 300lbs and out of shape. I started at Dalton's and learned how to workout differently, how to push myself to new limits. I now weigh 245lbs and have accomplished my dream of becoming a Firefighter! I work full time for San Bernardino County Fire Department and pride myself in accomplishing one of the hardest academies in the inland empire because of what I learned from Dalton's! 


I joined Dalton's 3 years ago and have never felt stronger or healthier than I do now. Having always stuck to cardio to try to stay in shape, lifting weights was a whole new aspect of fitness for me when I joined, but one that brought about changes in my body composition that couldn't compare to anything else I had ever tried.  In addition, the sense of community and the encouragement from the coaches and members is invaluable. I enjoy every aspect of the challenges and the rewards that Dalton's has brought into my life!


Dalton's CrossFit is a great fitness community. I have surprised myself repeatedly, since becoming a member, by accomplishing many things I wouldn't have thought possible before. The coaches are encouraging, and thoughtful in their instructions, pushing me to do more than I think I can, while also teaching me proper technique to do it safely. The community is also warm and supportive. I felt comfortable right away, and despite the daunting workouts, I look forward to the classes.

Lucas Leonard

I have been a member of Daltons CrossFit for over a year and have really enjoyed the experience. The gym is huge. There is plenty of space to do any of the workouts. The trainers are really accommodating to each athlete's needs, and they modify workouts accordingly. All skill levels are welcome. It is easy to fit in no matter your level. If you are looking for a crossfit gym that both challenges you and has great people and trainers, I would say Daltons is the place for you.